My specialty is the treatment of pain and injury using a combination of acupuncture and structural massage therapy.

Treatments are individually tailored, meaning I use a variety of approaches to address your specific wellness needs. Treatments are also holistic, meaning I address the entirety of a person, including the physical, physiological, and energetic.

Here’s a partial list of ailments I regularly treat: muscle knots; trigger points; strains; sprains; neuralgia; neuritis; arthritis; bursitis; headaches (all kinds); migraines; sciatica; thoracic outlet syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome; nerve impingement syndromes; sports related tension and injuries; repetitive motion injuries; post surgery pain; car accident injuries; work place injuries; and more.

As medically necessary, I’ll recommend herbs, health supplements, exercises, stretches, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes, to complement treatments and speedup recovery time.

I do not offer spa services.

Location, Hours & Contact Info

Open Gate Acupuncture Clinic

1011 E Burnside, Portland, Or, 97214

Sunday 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Tuesday 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Wednesday 10:00AM – 9:00PM

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Richard Pope was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He diagnosed my quad strain straight away and the treatment helped so much!! He also didn’t try to sell me a huge package of expensive treatments, which I really appreciated. I will definitely be back.


Richard Pope provided a lot of new information regarding healing my body, took the time to explain the information, was very thorough in the intake process asking a lot of questions regarding my personal health. I appreciated the depth of his knowledge and also the acupuncture treatment was targeted to the specific area of distress and it was extremely helpful.


Finding a provider that is honest and straightforward about what treatments would and wouldn’t help is hard to find. Richard Pope earned my respect today and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Not much more I could ask for. Thank you.


My leg and glute feel 100% better today!


I am really happy that I went to see Richard. I have had lowerback pain for several years, and today, I had some deep tissue message and acupuncture. The experience has been very positive, and I have already scheduled myself for another appointment.


I had my first massage & acupuncture session with Richard today. I am very pleased with the experience. I felt lighter and my back pain disappeared right after the session. It is quite amazing. My self care will now include seeing Richard on a regular basis. I highly recommend.


Richard is very professional, explaining everything and answered all questions. Massage was great and Accupuncture very relaxing. Definitely recommend.


Professional, attentive, knowledgeable, good communication, effective.


Excellent experience. Very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!


Excellent therapist! If you can tell him the area of concern, Richard get’s right to it with accuracy! He doesn’t waste your time. Though a single treatment cannot heal everything, this treatment definitely set me on the path of healing. I look forward to my next appointment.


Richard fit me in earlier than my original appointment was kind, caring and asked good questions before the treatment. His massage/bodywork was top notch and helped me with some ribs that were out and some neck/back issues. I will be going back for sure.


After 6 visits to Physical therapy, One visit with Richard made a huge difference with the pain I had been experiencing for almost a year with my right shoulder. Very thorough review prior to deep tissue massage and then acupuncture on the points singled out during massage. Highly recommend.


Rich was so kind and really listened to my husband and I! He had very useful suggestions and the treatment was effective. We would much rather go to him than see a western medicine doctor.


Richard was genuine, did not make any false promises. I liked the way he diagnosed me, collected as much information as possible from me and did a proper diagnosis to identify the cause for my pain in Knee and elbow. I felt relieved but I definitely need to go for few more follow up appointments to completely recover.


Richard is awesome! Great energy and amazing massage. He’s top notch. Highly recommend


Really enjoyed meeting Richard. Very welcoming and friendly. Obviously , knows his trade. I would definitely recommend him to others.


Richard is intuitive and very good at his craft. Massage combined with acupuncture truly attacks problem spots in the most effective way possible. I like the cut of his jib.


My husband enjoyed his massage and acupuncture ???????????????? we will be returning for sure ????already scheduled, thank you


Very impressed by his extensive knowledge and manners. He is a gentleman and a scholar! You won’t be sorry!


Richard provided an excellent environment for my first experience with acupuncture. I felt comfortable throughout the session and left feeling very relaxed. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.


Richard Pope is a knowledgeable, sensitive practitioner. I really liked that he began my treatment with massage and was also able to do some acupuncture. I felt his accuracy in diagnosis. I would recommend.


He gave me an incredible firm pressure massage and was friendly, professional, and intuitive. I highly recommend!


He was very interested in helping me. He asked lots of good questions. I look forward to seeing him again.




I enjoyed my time and treatment with Richard. He was understanding when I ran a bit behind schedule and very attentive during my session. I intend to enjoy more sessions with him going forward.


We sat for a few minutes and talk about the concerns I had and how they may have come about. I learned a lot and was glad I’ve met him. I will return for some more treatments.


Richard was attentive and knowledgeable during both the massage and acupuncture. He knew how to focus on the areas that needed the most work so I’d feel my best.


The combination of deep massage and acupuncture relieved my tennis elbow pain after 6 months of trying other things. I’m just very thankful for the relief. Also the knee he worked on is much better, after just one session. Rich is excellent, and a nice person as well. I’ll be back and recommending him to friends.


I was referred by a friend and have always steered away from the idea of Acupuncture because i hate needles but needless to say, she convinced me she hated needles as well and u can hardly even feel them. Also, she said her visit helped her a lot so i took the plunge and scheduled a session. I will be quite honest, it was a great experience! Very relaxing and i didnt feel the needles!


Very professional and knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend his practice.


The treatment exceeded my expectations. I was in a lot of pain when I went in. 96 % improvement by the next day! Thank you Richard.


Enjoyed my experience with him. I have several issues with my leg and Richard spent a lot of time with me explaining different options. He was very knowledgeable. Definitely felt better when I left his office and I will return


Richard was very professional and took the time to listen and discuss my goals so the session would be as beneficial as possible. The combination massage/acupuncture treatment was effective at reducing my pain even after just one visit! Richard is willing to work with everyone regardless of their financial situation and had a wide knowledge of alternative medicine. I will definitely be back for follow up care.


Richard is a master! He brought me total relief and I am looking forward to our next appointment.????

About Me

I’ve practiced as a massage therapist since 2008 and as an acupuncturist since 2011. I’m a graduate of the Arcata School of Massage and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Acupuncturist license # AC156539 / massage therapist license # 15698.

On a personal note, I volunteer as the executive director of The People’s Colloquium, a nonprofit I co-founded that supports free education in the arts and humanities. I also volunteer as the organizer of  Portland’s Philosophy Meetup, a group with over 2,800 members that hosts philosophy seminars and related events. My other passions include exercise, meditation, creative writing, and studying philosophy.

I live in Oregon City with my wife Emily, our son Henry, and our two dogs Sunny and Indy.

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Or, call 503-505-0273 to schedule a free consultation

All appointments require a debit or credit card to reserve the time. This card will be charged $50 if your appointment is missed or cancelled without 48 hours notice.

60-minute or 90-minute sessions are available. During both appointment lengths, we can work with a combination of acupuncture and massage, or only one healing modality, as you like. If we decide to work with both healing modalities, we can split our time however you like. Additionally, we can use our time to discuss herbs, health supplements, exercises, stretches, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes.



Patients who pay at time of service do so on a sliding scale: $50 – $100/hour. It’s up to the patient to determine the cost of each appointment.

Further discounts are available to those who currently experience economic hardship. If you’d like to apply for this discount, please fill out the following form.



I directly bill motor vehicle accident insurance and workers compensation claims (PIP) at my non-sliding scale rate of $100/hour.

I do not directly bill private medical insurance. Upon request, I can provide receipts with billing codes and treatment codes. My patients with private medical insurance submit these receipts for reimbursement, oftentimes successfully. Please contact your insurance provider for details about your coverage.



If you are a new patient, please fill out and submit the following form online. Alternatively, you are welcome to fill out a paper copy prior to your appointment. It takes about 10 minutes.

Please print out and sign the below forms. Alternatively, you are welcome to sign paper copies of these forms prior to your first appointment. It takes less than 5 minutes.