Georgia M.

Richard Pope was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He diagnosed my quad strain straight away and the treatment helped so much!! He also didn’t try to sell me a huge package of expensive treatments, which I really appreciated. I will definitely be back.

Virginia S.

Richard Pope provided a lot of new information regarding healing my body, took the time to explain the information, was very thorough in the intake process asking a lot of questions regarding my personal health. I appreciated the depth of his knowledge and also the acupuncture treatment was targeted to the specific area of distress and it was extremely helpful.

Emily L.

Richard did a great job of mending an injury I attained while biking, and after only a few minutes of his working on my arm, the pain and mobility was significantly better! He is very quick to find the places where the pain is coming from, and really great at working the kinks out. He has expertise in various methods of treatment, and is exceptionally easy to work with!

Doniree W.

Hands down (pun intended?) the best and most effective treatment I’ve ever received for my chronic lower back pain. I will absolutely return.

Annie W.

My experience receiving combined acupuncture and massage with Richard was wonderful. I found him to be knowledgeable, a deep listener, and a sound practitioner. I recommend him.

Jo W.

My experience with Rich was awesome. He has a calm and healing energy. The facility is low key and quiet, humble. I feel so much better after my session with Rich. It’s obvious he just cares about his clients feeling better and isn’t just going through the motions, he truly cares. I’ve really never had any “healthcare” appointment like it. Definitely going back.

Jordan L.

When I first went in to see Richard I was near tears most days due to neck and back pain. With his help, I’m now moving 100% better than I was and my pain is down 90%. He’s great at listening to your needs and adjusting his treatments accordingly. I just moved out of the area, and I’m already missing my weekly sessions. Thanks for everything, Rich!

Gina G.

Great experience, comfortable environment, and Richard seems very knowledgeable about dealing with overuse injuries. I definitely recommend!

Josh P.

Awesome service. Very pleased

Mia A.

Rich is a wonderfully compassionate and attentive therapist. I reached out to him after experiencing debilitating neck and back pain, and he was able to see me immediately for treatment. After carefully listening to my experience, he was able to identify the source of my pain and developed a practice that was best for my needs. After about three sessions, I have almost fully recovered from my injury. I highly recommend Rich for any of the services he offers.

Brenda L.

I experienced Richard to be as knowledgeable as he is compassionate and understanding. He takes the necessary time to understand the problem fully before prescribing any therapy. I personally find his method of combining both acupuncture and massage very effective. I have been amazed that certain aspects of my injury never returned after just one treatment. I always looked forward to my next visit and consistently experienced continued healing. Spending time with Rich is also a very enjoyable experience as he is quite a pleasant young man.

Kaylen B.

Absolutely wonderful. He really took the time to talk and listen to concerns, ask questions. I plan on going back!!!!

Teresa L.

Richard Pope is an excellent acupuncturist and massage therapist, who has developed a way to utilize both of these modalities in one session to help the patient. Richard has an almost uncanny way of finding exactly where your pain or other issue is coming from, and then addresses it as close to the root of the issue as possible. For example, with back pain in my own case, he was able to trace along the muscles (and energy meridians as well I suspect) to find these hard lumps that had formed in the muscles and which were causing a large amount of pain. Over a few treatments these lumps were loosened and the pain was nearly gone. As an acupuncturist, I recommend Richard for any kind of issue you might have. For example, Richard introduced me to how a cold can be either completely averted or at least the symptoms lessened if you get an acupuncture treatment just as you start to feel it coming on. I met Richard while he was in his final year of acupuncture college, and ever since then have found him to be very helpful with all kinds of issues. I highly recommend that you try Richard’s services.

Ann H.

I love that Richard Pope can ‘attack’ a concern with either Accupuncture or massage, or BOTH! He is gentle and really listens. He immediately found the pain spot origin, and used both massage and Accupuncture and my hip is pain free. There was a ripple of release as I got up off of the table. I am putting his number on speed dial!

Eddie E.

Richard is very knowledgeable. He uses a minimalist perspective that is very beneficial for people with back pain. I value his empathy, approach, and practice. He was empathetic to my needs. His approach was very empathetic. His practice is welcoming, comfortable, and natural. I had never had acupuncture before and felt safe under his care. Thank you and Namaste.

Hunter V.

Richard did a wonderful job explaining how everything worked and delivered a good massage with accupuncture. First time I’ve had accupuncture and I would recommend it! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. I’ll be back for round two.

Ashten B.

I feel so relieved, he really listened to what I needed and worked my problem areas. Thank you! thank you! thank you!

Samantha K.

Richard is extremely calming, attentive and careful with his clients. I went to him with anxiety and he talked me through different supplements to help with that, followed by a relaxing acupuncture session. I will go again and highly recommend him to anyone wanting a restorative session.

Patti M.

He listened well, his experience in both massage and acupuncture was evident.